Democracy Lab a Londra (13/5/16) e Madrid (23-29/5/16)

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Ciao a tutti,
sono l'unico italiano, in rappresentanza del M5S, a partecipare a questi laboratori internazionali di democrazia digitale. All'estero ci sono forti mobilitazioni verso la democrazia diretta digitale, con le esperienza di Madrid, Barcellona ed Helsinki... si stanno sperimentando ovunque strumenti di edemocracy (anche di natura deliberativa) che sono sempre piu' avanzati e alla portata di tutti i cittadini.

In questi scenari internazionali, dove sono presenti moltissimi ricercatori, docenti universitari, e giornalisti.... gli italiani sono assenti.

Come possiamo riportare all'attenzione dell'opinione pubblica il tema della democrazia partecipata ? Sono tempi difficili in Italia, con un governo per nulla sensibile all'innovazione, e un'unica forza politica che investe molto sulla partecipazione online (vedi avvio lex nelle scorse settimane) che non ha spazio per poter sperimentare forme di partecipazione digitale.


Questo e' il mio punto di partenza, il concetto di intelligenza collettiva globale:

It’s urgent engage citizens to rethinking democracy and politics in the network society. There are many priorities, not even hypothesized by traditional parties. like freedom and technology self-determination in the era of digital surveillance, but also the need to obtain digital rights. We are hacktivists of representative democracy, gamechangers with the goal to open the next era of direct democracy, which will define new rules and new rights using edemocracy platforms. Today, in 2016, there are tools to ask within seconds to all citizens not only if they agree or disagree on one thing, but also understand what they think of a particular problem. Those who hold a position of power, at high-level, are rarely available to give up part of their decision-making autonomy, with the excuse that he was elected to represent the citizens Some european cities are well advanced in the application of digital democracy, 'cause for a long time they are experiencing edemocracy tools for citizen participation: Helsinki, Barcelona, Madrid. With edemocracy tools we can understand how a problem could be solved (by simple local matters to the most important issues even at national and european level). As if the difference between elector and elected no longer exists. As if in a political scenario of real democracy, every citizen can express the opinion on a topic that interests him (and vote for it). All this it’s possible just today, thanks to the direct democracy of the digital era. Digital democracy is also the hidden key, the transparent backdoor, to overthrow an unjust system masqueraded as democracy. Internet allows us to feed and speed up the transformation of our pseudo-democracy to a real one without the filter of “representatives”: the spread of social networks has revolutionized humanity by increasing the capacity for discussion and iteration between people, created new ties and new relationships, has increased and enhanced the ability to share ideas, projects and experiences and unify planning. It has now developed a collective intelligence that goes beyond the public confined to a neighborhood, a city or a nation. We've become really a global community thanks to the internet. Today, enormously more that in any past human history, knowledge is widespread, free and shared. Wishing we can put together in a few minutes, thanks to the network, the world's best minds to tackle a large-scale problem, and we can put together, always in a few minutes, all the citizens who suffer from the same problem and who want to find together a solution. It’s the collective intelligence, applied to politics. We must have the courage to recover the confidence of citizens in their institutions, to actively involve all citizens in the decisions that affect their lives. The technology exists already by few years, the tools are ready and at practically no cost. Soon, we will be able to overcome all prejudices, all restraint, any limitation on the full use of edemocracy tools: and to move forward to the necessary and crucial step to transform our republic (actually in the hands of multinationals and financial lobbies, so interests of a few), in a complete democracy, mature and managed directly by all its citizens without filters. In conclusion, we need to explore innovative methods to strengthen large-scale citizen participation in the political process at european and global level. Not only “getting feedbacks or ideas”, usually asked by governments during the election campaign. We need to improve all the digital tools to give back every day to the citizens the power to fight concentration of power within public institutions. Build today edemocracy means to provide a positive vision of collective intelligence in 21st century democracy.


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